shifting pursuits and adaptable pieces

as you may or may not know, my quest for the perfect sofa morphed into an obsession with finding a good daybed or sleeper.

here's how it went down; i got tired of looking at sofas that i loved, that didn't fit my space and committed to one that was right for where i am now. yes, i gave up the fantasy for something that works.  and yes, i understand how i should translate this line of thinking to my personal life.

once i bought my sofa, my obsessive, fantasy-hungry mind had to latch onto something else, and the daybed for my office was the obvious next step.

via dwr and amsterdammodern

a daybed is a strange thing. the more classic and midcentury designs, are elegant and maximize space, but are often uncomfortable, and don't offer a good sleeping set up for a two people or anyone over 5' 9".  do i plan to host a 6' plus person on my daybed regularly? does this person even exist? well, no. but i'm convinced i should consider all aspects of comfort and form before i drop a few thousand dollars on a bench.

the next option is the sleeper sofa. i find most of the contemporary styles well--ugly.   there are a few exceptions that jump out, like the sleepers at  dwr , the ufurl by lissoni and sleepers at blu dot (all pictured below).

i haven't found the right match yet, but don't worry, it'll take me a little time to get tired of looking.


  1. oh yum. now i'm thinking the lissoni or blu dot one for me...

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