last days distractions

i took a hiatus from posting. there was family and travel and work, and, and, and...


at the end of it all, i moved, just in time for the new year.

there are lots of projects and plans for the space. a new apartment is full of great things, and many small battles, mostly, with myself.  i'm trying to learn some patience and taper my expectations, especially for when the space will be done. because, hopefully it will grow and evolve with time. it's not a job, after all, there is no production calendar connected to it.

i'm currently consumed with finding THE sofa.

it's an impossible pursuit. that perfect piece doesn't really exist, but it's fun to fall into the void for a bit.  i'll support the hunt until the end of the year. until then, all sofas all the time.

sofas via 1stdibs

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