beverly hills house sneak peek

remember those pink walls  from the beverly hills house?

well, here is the final room, completed.  i'm really pleased with how this house turned out, and even more happy with the beautiful photos that john took.  such a fun shoot, and a real pleasure to see this project completed after lots of hard work.

i am particularly obsessed with this statue on the bedside table. she's so lovely!

i'll be posting the full project in the next couple of weeks, look out for it!


  1. Gorgeous! Curtain fabric please - linen? Silk?

  2. I also want to hug that curvy lamp. She's quite sensual. Where'd you find her?

  3. curtains in the bedroom are a lined linen.
    the gold ones in the living are are synthetic from west elm (although they call them silk). they drape so beautifully and are incredibly affordable so we went with them instead of silk!

  4. that lamp is amazing--there is both a fixture in the body as well as on top. i love multiple light options from one piece.