baby shower

i threw a baby shower for my friend samantha --super fun!

we made star garlands to decorate all around.  samantha streets,  a co-host and an incredible artist, cut out so many stars! they're so pretty, they're going to go into the nursery as a decoration.

we set up a station to tie dye onesies.

there was a table where guests could help make a mobile for the nursery.  we used embroidery hoops as the base of the mobile and cut butterflies out of vellum and card stock. we set up a typewriter, pens and markers for people to write the baby notes inside of the wings and let them hang the butterflies themselves when they were done decorating.



i think the craft tables were a great way to bring everyone together, and do something personal for the family. it was all a super success, especially because of the ladies who co-hosted the party with me.

all photos via honeyedfigs and samantha streets

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