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i haven't posted this year because i've been sick!

i spent new year's eve on my couch, passed out, in a cocktail dress. this was no booze-induced sleep, but, rather, the first signs of my flu, coupled with the bad decision to wait for a cab (don't ever call a cab on new year's eve).

i woke up the next morning sick, but completely committed to finding the benefits of starting the year in this state--congested, hangover-free,  housebound and overly ambitious.

i decided the best use of my sick week was to clean house--every cupboard and corner. looking back it was an insane, fever-induced decision. but, maybe the best and only way to clear out the corners of your life is with seriously clogged sinuses?

who knows, it's what i did. it was cathartic. i'm ready to start my year, a little lighter.

photos via pavlov77 and things organized neatly 

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