closeted identity

i have a sick love of closets. wardrobes, stacks of sweaters, racks of shoes. especially in the world of design, the closet is a tell, full of information about it's owner's style and personality. it's in the space, as much as in its contents.

a near perfect example; the infamous television closet of carrie bradshaw. an extended gray hallway, filled with rolling drawers, padded hangers and bright floral rug. it's an organized, brightly colored mess against a muted new york-style backdrop, always overflowing with pink silks and chiffon. it's a beautiful character sketch.

via adore vintage

there are a bunch of great blogs that showcase closets, but i am totally smitten with the coveteur.
it's one of the few that is able to paint a complete picture of fashion personalities through a glimpse into their closets and at the items they covet.
here's a sample (including a closet of an old friend), enjoy!

jane keltner de valle

 karla martinez

tracy taylor

all images at the coveteur

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