this is the site-specific sculpture by federico díaz, now on display at the mass moca. geometric death frequency-141,  is as much about the process of making the work, as the sculpture itself.   the piece was generated, assembled and completed without manual labor. a strange and fascinating process.  diaz created the sculpture by turning digital photos of the museum's courtyard (where the piece is installed) into data which was then manipulated and rendered into a 3 dimensional sculpture.  the 420,000 black spheres that make up the sculpture were milled and assembled using robotic machines.

it's incredible how much form and motion this sculpture has.  i love the dialogue between the space and the form, one a blueprint for the other. it's a kind of cellular replica of the space it occupies.

at the MASS MoCa through march 2012. i think i can make that.
story via designboom

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