relics of love

in june, an auctioneer took inventory of a parisian apartment that had been shut up for the last 70 years.
the owner, deceased this year, at the age of 91, left the apartment before wwii and although she paid fees to keep the apartment, she did not return to it.

in the apartment, the auctioneer discovered a painting by boldini (pictured above), and a bit of a love story. the subject turned out to be the actress, marthe de florian, the artist's former muse, and the grandmother of the women who left the apartment over half a century ago.  one of boldini's calling cards, found in the apartment, helped launch the verification process.

more of this fantastic story at mysinchew and the telegraph

photos courtesy of the french art house of marc ottavi who verified the work, and auctioned the piece off for 2.1 million euros.

story via 2 or 3 things i know

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