do not pass 'go'

this morning i read monopoly by connie wanek.
we used to play monopoly, and it never ended with laughter. i always wanted to be the shoe. my legs cramped up before i owned a single piece of property and i thought the chance cards were cruel. i was not good at throwing money around, seizing up real estate, or getting out of jail. i'm sure that my brother remembers this all very differently.

i found these vintage game sets. the british WWII version is incredible--apologizing and explaining it's substitutions.  i haven't played monopoly in years. apparently, the new games have an electronic element, increased luxury taxes and credit cards---yeah, great idea. i think i'd rather play on one of these sets.

original 1935 monopoly set

 WWII british game

c 1945 handmade australian game

all images via early monopoly

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